‘I began the golden sentences in 2002. At first, they didn’t go on the wall, but were written on paper. […] Most are found sentences, but some are mine. […] It’s a bit like poetry, when you hear a poem and you like it, but others you don’t. […] “She has many names” is a sentence from 2019 or 2020, and it’s from a poem by Gloria Alzaldúa. It fits in with the research I’ve been doing on Kollontai and Marxist feminism in relation to the fourth wave of feminism, which comes from Latin America or what used to be called the Global South. It brings back the idea of class, also linked to racialisation. And also the idea of love as a political tool. What Kollontai described as “comradely love” is now called “radical tenderness”. […] “She has many names” refers to the feminine deity that keeps on metamorphosing.’ Dora García continues explaining here: