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Save as... Publications. Conversation with ferranElOtro and Irene Minovas

Experience MACBA

20 Apr. 2013

Save as... Publications

Save as... Publications

Free admission with Museum entry ticket. Atrium of the Museum. Limited places

ferranElOtro and Irene Minovas are the founders and directors of the editorial project Save As… Publications. They have been invited to talk about their professional experience and to share their vision of their editorial practice. The culture of art publications, understood as an alternative space for artistic production and diffusion, is experiencing a very interesting moment in which the functions traditionally assigned to artists, editors and curators have acquired a hybrid character and the barriers between research and creation are becoming blurred. An attitude towards edition that connects with the creation of artists' books in the sixties, in the context of the conceptualisation of art.

MACBA, through its Study Centre, wishes to reflect on the latest developments in independent initiatives related to editorial production in contemporary art, with special emphasis on artists' publications and creative projects exploring different supports and formats. Using the collection of artists' publications in the Centre's Archive, a dialogue has been established with the agents responsible for the development and diffusion of these types of practices, such as artists, curators, editors, distributors and collectors.

The programme Experience MACBA invites you to discover the Museum and contemporary art in a different and surprising way. Every Saturday until 21 h. you can experience a different type of Museum visit with special activities such as dance, music, cinema and performances accompanied by a Moritz beer. Come and discover the new Museum lounge-space!


Saturday 20 April, 19 h.


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