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In order to foster research in the field of contemporary artistic practices, the MACBA Study Centre has established four places for guest researchers. The call for applications to use these work stations is permanently open, and is governed by the following conditions: residencies are aimed, principally, at researchers and artists. Those eligible to apply for them are people with higher education qualifications or equivalent experience, specialising in contemporary art and culture, and who are currently engaged in research projects on a subject within these fields.


The call for places in the Guests Researchers Programme 2019 is fully booked. The application period for 2020 will be between January 2 and April 1, 2019.

To apply for a residency, please send to the following documents:

• Letter of application, stating the desired dates for starting and concluding the residency;
• Description of the project you wish to pursue during their residency, demonstrating the appropriateness of the Study Centre for your research (maximum 3,000 characters).
• Academic and professional curriculum.

Consideration will also be given to any references and reports from academic or art institutions endorsing the candidate’s project.

Residency periods can last between one and three months. Exceptionally, these periods be prolonged, should this be justified by the nature of the candidate and the project submitted. However, in no case may the residency period exceed six months.

By granting a residency, the Study Centre guarantees the availability of a personal work station equipped with personal computer, Internet connection, office software and access to databases, collections, catalogues and other resources at the Centre, including assistance from Library staff.

Applications will be considered by members of the MACBA curatorial team, and applicants will receive a reply from the Centre within a maximum of 60 days from the date the application is submitted.

As a general rule, guest researchers must adhere to the regulations for security and use described for other reference sections at the Study Centre. This includes, particularly, the requirement to apply to Library staff in order to consult the bibliographic and documentary materials kept in the room where work stations are located, since no users—including guest researchers—are permitted direct access to these materials.

The Study Centre reserves the right to change these conditions as and when considered necessary.

2018 Residencies

Blanca Machuca, The real state of things: a game of illusions. Residency period: 13/09 to 14/12/2018
The real state of things: a game of illusions is an artistic and theoretical project created by Blanca Machuca, together with Mechu López, that puts forward a personal methodology based on games, in order to find mechanisms that can provoke the desire to do and think. The aim is to transform the space by turning an exhibition gallery into a gaming parlour, so art can become a way of life by blurring the limits between reality and art, much as Joan Brossa did when he mixed situations that were always undefined. What is it? A magic show, striptease, or an artistic performance? The project refers to aspects of society that trouble us and make us think. Following Manuel Castells’ concept of Global Casino, it reflects on the way decisions are taken by those responsible for economic changes, such as banks, politicians and investment funds that determine how we live.

Joan Morey, The tensed body (during the performance). Residency period: 17/09 to 21/12/2018
As a prologue to the current research project entitled ‘The performance of the body, the body of the performance – included in the doctoral programme Advanced Studies in Artistic Production (EAPA) at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universitat de Barcelona – during his residency Joan Morey will analyse the place (or places) occupied by the body in the language of performance. By highlighting the mechanisms of power and control of the body and its instrumentalisation when turning it into a means of artistic expression, the project will not only study the body as an ‘enclave’, but also the performance as a broad and dynamic field of cultural production.

Peter Freund, Lost Grids. Residency period: 01/10/2018 to 11/01/2019
Inspired by the incommensurability of surface and depth, Peter Freund generates digital materials by hacking the underlying code of iconic photography with the use of poetic, critical and quotidian texts. His project will ultimately result in a set of variegated grid prints that harness the impulses of conceptual art in exploring the history and politics of the grid, from the renaissance perspective machine and the geometrical configurations of cartography, architecture and design to the abstract, gridded constructions of modern and contemporary art and the pixel system undergirding the raster image. The radical ornamentalism of Freund’s prints presents an interventionist strategy in a politics of enjoyment.

Núria Gómez Gabriel, Love me, Tinder. Residency period: del 26/11/2018 al 24/05/2019
In parallel to the research project Body-Image. The Hauntology of Visual Dis-identity, linked to the CINEMA research group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Núria Gómez Gabriel (, begins a period of residence at the MACBA Study Centre (CED) in order to analyse the effects of active culture on online dating applications. Love me, Tinder is a study of the patterns of representation circulating in ‘Hot or Not’ fiction and about how the binary narratives of the body-enterprise give users maximum optimisation of their experience. Issues such as emotional pornography, industrial humanitarianism and spiritual materialism come together in an essay that ultimately seeks to track the effects of the wellness dictatorship. The research is part of the edition of a book made together with the visual artist Estela Ortiz that will be published by the Editorial Planeta in September 2019.

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