L’Internationale is a confederation of major European museumsart institutionsresearch centres and think-tanks.

It takes its name from the workers’ anthem calling for an equitable democratic society, and references the historical labour movement. In learning from local and shared histories, L’Internationale focuses on what is to come, in imagining, developing and implementing new visions for a future that will be just, democratic and sustainable for everyone, planetwide.

The confederation will comprise 14 institutions: Museo Reina Sofía (Spain), MACBA (Spain), Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen (Belgium), MSN (Poland), Salt (Turkiye), Van Abbemuseum (the Netherlands), MSU (Croatia), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Germany), HDK-Valand (Sweden), NCAD (Ireland), ZRC SAZU (Slovenia), Institute for Radical Imagination (Italy), Tranzit.ro (Romania), Visual Culture Research Center (Ukraine), and two associate partners; IMMA (Ireland) and WIELS (Belgium), along with the L’Internationale Association.
The first collaboration began with the project 1957–1986. Art from the Decline of Modernism to the Rise of Globalisation, which took place in 2010–12. The second major project, pursued between 2013 and 2017, was entitled The Uses of Art: The Legacy of 1848 and 1989. The years chosen marked two turning points in the formation of a new citizenry. June 2018 saw the launch of the third project, entitled Our Many Europes, a new four-year programme that focuses on the 1990s, the decade in which contemporary Europe was born. The fourth European cooperative project led by L’Internationale is the Museum of the Commons, and focus on the themes of climate, translocal cooperation, and artistic strategies of healing and repair.
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L’Internationale Online is the common platform for research, debate and communication for the confederation. L’Internationale Online is a space where commissioned texts, research and artistic projects intersect with the activities, collections and archives of the members’ institutions.
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