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Who is knowledgeable and who isn’t? Who learns and who has to teach? Is it possible to have a museum where we all learn together? Can education set us free? How is history constructed? MACBA conceives education as a backbone that articulates the role of the Museum in relation to communities, paying special attention to the educational community and the Raval neighbourhood, of which we are a part.
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In other words
To collect voices, share experiences, look at each other, connect, relate, create a museum. Get into the new video series… In other words.
Teaching artists
Get to know the artists who share with us our educational programmes.
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Pedagogies i emancipació
Marina Garcés, Janna Graham, val flores, Concha Fernández Martorell, Jordi Solé Blanch

Educate, for what? This question is particularly relevant at a time when education appears under threat from the labour market and its demands for productivity and efficiency. The essays in this publication critique the educational models imposed on us with little opportunity for alternatives. Drawing on diverse experiences and perspectives, each of these contributions supports the idea of education as a political space for individual and collective emancipation. An area and a practice from which we are allowed to imagine a future.
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