Audiovisual Documentation Fonds

MACBA’s Audiovisual Documentation Fonds features a series of interviews with artists represented in the MACBA Collection. This initiative began in 2008, when the idea of creating a digital fonds of the collections was first discussed. The Fonds also experimented with video format, to help create an archive around the artists and their works in the Collection.

This idea gradually evolved into an archive of conversations between artists: films showing intergenerational encounters in which an artist for whom the cinematic language and interviews are central, is given the opportunity to record a conversation about the meaning and the working methodology of an author with a distinguished artistic career. In this way, a lively archive is created that allows us to closely examine, in depth and from a different perspective, the process of creation and the works in the MACBA Collection.

The special format of the Fonds evolves from processes of investigation and creation that enable the construction of a heritage, of great value to society both in the short and long term, by establishing relationship networks where none existed, and contents that go beyond the historiography of art.
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