Friday 6 and Saturday 7, October, 2023

To promote the work of Italian artist Bruno Munari, the Col·legi Oficial de Bibliotecaris-Documentalistes de Catalunya, in collaboration with Corraini Edizione and MACBA, is organising the Jornadas Munari. This event will take place at MACBA.

Bruno Munari (Milan, 1907-1998) was a multidisciplinary artist renowned for his avant-guard contributions to the fields of industrial, graphic, and editorial design as well as visual communication of the 20th century. Through his work, Munari teaches us how to view things differently and encourages us, before tackling any creative endeavour, to ask ourselves: “Could this be done some other way?”

This series of events, full of both theory and practice, are aimed at anyone interested in the fields of education, documentation, and design, as well as those who want to dive deeper into the working methods and creative processes of Bruno Munari.

Anna Juan Cantavella and Piu Martínez will lead a discussion, open to the public, looking back over Munari’s peculiar vision regarding art, reading, and childhood. In addition, Silvana Sperati will share a series of educational workshops conceptualising the book as an object that will offer participants first-hand experience in creating with different materials.

In the Reading and Family Space on the ground floor of the Centro de Estudios y Documentación, you will have the opportunity to consult a wide variety of Munari’s works from the museum’s permanent collection: publications, didactic games and toys, among others.

More information about the programme and ticket sales here.

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