She is a choreographer, dancer, and writer based in Paris. Her work situates itself at the intersection between poetry and performance in duet with the user interface of OSX. Indispensible Blue (offline) is a title which hosted multiple iterations of this inquiry - performance, screenshot recordings, and publications - addressing the poetics of usership. Submission Submission re-situates this duet (with OSX) by occupying the position of the amateur hagiographer, portraiting the subversive strategies of Medieval women saints. 

Bryana has worked as a performer for Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Xavier le Roy, Boris Charmatz, Michiel Vandevelde, and Femke Gyselinck. Since 2016, she collaborates with Henry Andersen under the name Slow Reading Club, a semi-fictional reading group that deals in choreographed situations for collective reading.

Image of the performance by Bryana Fritz