The program of the 9th edition proposes a critical reflection on the different editions and formats of the PEI, while maintaining and updating its functions as a tool for learning and institutional critique.

The question "Where are the oases?" brings together the contents and formats of this edition, highlighting the exhaustion of a resource extraction system that has nurtured capitalism since its colonial history and its responsibility for the current global, climate, ecological and human crises. The different activities include exploring the spaces for critical freedom that have withstood in art and collective agency based on decolonial thought and practice. The program also seeks to find within its methodologies political tools to react against the growing forms of violence, systemic racism, inequality and control.

The program consists of three transversal pillars. The Political Culture Program, led by Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, The Nomadic Colonie, led by Kader Attia and finally, From Other Institutional Imaginaries, led by Elvira Dyangani Ose together with María Berríos.

Each pillar unfolds in interrelation with subjects and conceptual modules whose contents are formulated through the intersection between theory, activism and artistic practice. The program features different formats of varying intensity in PEI OBERT: meetings, conferences, workshops and international seminars open to the public.