Dates: 1 April 2019 ‒ June 2020

Duration: 15 months. The course consists of four trimesters, offering a total of 350 classroom hours, including teaching hours, workshops, research groups and presentations.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 4–8 pm, with 3–4 classes weekly of three hours each. International workshops and seminars may also take place on Saturdays.

Programme publication: September 2018

Acreditation: The PEI determines its own curriculum and is part of the MACBA Study Centre: it is not attached to any university. On satisfactory completion of the programme, a MACBA accreditation is awarded. The level of complexity of the programme is equivalent to predoctoral academic studies (postgraduate or official master's degree). Non-regulated alternative studies will also be recognised.

Adressed to: people from a variety of disciplines, with different backgrounds and professional orientations (from artists to professors, architects, historians, sociologists, anthropologists, activists, curators, psychologists, etc.) who share an interest in research as a collective learning experience and who feel drawn to projects that connect art and artistic practices with human sciences and social, political or institutional action. There are no age requirements or academic prerequisites, but profiles with a certain experience, or an academic or professional track record, who can share their knowledge with the rest of the group, will be appreciated.


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MACBA awards full tuition scholarships and half scholarships (50% of the registration fee). Selection will be made by members of the faculty and the academic coordinator. More information soon.


Dates: 1 January – 1 March 2019

Registration fee: 3.000 euros. Payment may be made in two instalments.

Available places: 30