Juvenile David R.
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«Project The Sibs shows again private stories of people who live in mental and social isolation. Again, these stories show difficult and handicapped people from my neighbourhood. My aim was to dismantle some boundaries (such as fear, aversion, grudge or certain prejudices) and by means of video, to get people from different social backgrounds closer to us. The main characters of this double-portrait are two Roma people – juvenile David Rác and his sister Jarka, who come from a big family that lives on the edge of poverty. At the time of making the video, David was sentenced to punishment for theft. Making the video Juvenile David R. (2004) was consequently limited with time we were permitted for this project, with the place and other conditions not to mention David’s character. His life in prison is colourless, narrowed to minimum of space and minimal possibilities; this is why he dreams of other world. Even though he does not suffer from any serious physical of mental disability, seeing him, we fear for his future life. Viewing his sister Jarka among their many siblings at home that is in accordance with their mental maturity gives an insight into David’s possible thoughts and memories. Jarka lives in a colourful world, with her family, allowing for plenty of visual and sensual perceptions – most of the time she can be found in an open air – among manifold piles of wasted objects. Though still a child, she helps her mother out with their household, which is sometimes quite difficult. It is not certain whether her dreams will come true.»--www.screen-projects.com

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Juvenile David R.
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Vídeo monocanal, color, sonido, 3 min 39s
© Pavlina Fichta Cierna
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