Dissabtes MACBA capçalera

Dissabtes MACBA

Every Saturday starting at 4 p.m. you can visit all the exhibitions for free and get a closer look at them, guided by the artists.

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Families playing in the reading and family space of the MACBA Collection

New reading and family space

This is the reading and family space for the exhibition MACBA Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention. A place to ‘be’. A place to relax and share a moment with those around you. A place for children to play, but also for learning and unwinding.

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Bouchra Khalili
The Voice of the Exhibition
'What fascinates me is the power of speech, the power of storytelling, and eventually speech as a form of resistance, in all its dialectal forms'. Bouchra Khalili
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Son[i]a #368
Anthea Caddy

Anthea Caddy is a Tasmanian-born and now Berlin-based experimental cellist and sound artist who explores projected sound energy through spatial practices that highlight acoustic and physical phenomena.

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Son[i]a #367
Marc Larré

Marc Larré works with video, photography, sculpture and objects, giving free rein to a dilettante practice that entails attentive listening to the materials he handles, and also to the context—to his surroundings.

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