SON[I]A #282 Zenaida Osorio

Zenaida Osorio

13 Feb. 2019
Ràdio Web MACBA

In this podcast, Zenaida Osorio provides a critical reading of the official account of Radio Sutatenza and of the representations of peasants in the archive. Through this case study, Zenaida reflects on the contrast between the national images (in this case Colombian) that are considered legitimate by networks of civil servants, media producers, and academic researchers. We talk to Zenaida about the difference between images and memory, about wars against illiteracy that can also be read as wars against communism, about archives that we love to love and images that we don't, about anti-memory movements, exhibitionitis, and the profusion of quotation marks, Vivaldi, ponchos, mules with transistors strapped to their backs, the promise of intimacy, and other strategies for building links with the "real".

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