SON[I]A #263 Emilio Santiago Muiño

Emilio Santiago Muiño

18 Jun. 2018
Ràdio Web MACBA

Working simultaneously in various fields such as academia, social movements, and public policy, Emilio Santiago Muiño (b. Ferrol, 1984) studies and supports social processes involved in transitioning to ecological sustainability. His research is based on evidence of a growing energy shortage that will force Western societies to learn to reduce energy use in coming decades. This is by no means a gloomy scenario, but a historical window of opportunity to promote the reenchangment of everyday life, weakening the neoliberal consumer drive and making it posible to imagine a new culture base don values such as mutual care, life stability, and physical activity linked to a satisfying effort. In Muiño’s words, the idea is to “become poor, so as not to kill”. To make a transition based on desire rather than fear, in order to prevent the emergence of a “resource fascism” driven by competition, geopolitical advantage, and the plunder of increasingly scarce material reserves.

In this podcast we talk to Emilio Santiago Muiño about salad gardens in museums, social movements and public policies, about oil as a magical substance, about re-greening, ecofascism, acceleration, and degrowth, and about how an imaginary of more modest utopías may, in the long term, become a means of finding our way home.

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