Theme 3: Post-genres. The 'Series Seriously' course by Jorge Carrión

18 Jun. 2014
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Third Session. Tuesday 20 May 2014
Jorge Carrión
Theme 3: Post-genres (Orange is the New Black, American Horror Story and True Detective)

In the early years of the twenty-first century, American television drama was still relying on the narrative schemes typical of traditional genres. We need only think of shows like Six Feet Under (soap opera), The West Wing (political drama), The Sopranos (re-reading of mafia films) or Deadwood (re-interpretation of the Western). But in 2004 came Lost and confounded us all. The mythic series on ABC set a new paradigm favouring transgression and a rehash of classic genres in a multi-referential remix. Its transmission also coincided with the rise of social networks.

Jorge Carrión uses the theoretical texts of Jason Mittel and Henry Jenkins to analyse and contextualise this new era of audiovisual fiction. The culture of media convergence, of which Jenkins speaks, offers new models of trans-media production: with the boundaries between creation and reception diluted, new forms of alternative consumption are generated based on multidisciplinary immersion and participatory experience.

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