RWM Son[i]a: Barbara Held and Pilar Subirà talk about the exhibition "Possibility of Action: the Life of the Score"

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The exhibition "Possibility of Action: the Life of the Score" explores contemporary sound art from a particular perspective: musical notation and scores as spaces for action. The radically new, heterodox way in which some composers began to use this medium – the score - from the sixties on, made it possible for Western music to approach any sound as musical material. This change of paradigm completely transformed the traditional relationship between composers, performers and audiences.

"Possibility of Action: the Life of the Score" (June 16 / October 5, 2008) is also related to Lines of Sight, the 2008 series of curatorial programs that also investigate written music from different perspectives.

Son[i]a talks to Barbara Held and Pilar Subirá, curators of these two projects.

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