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With a career spanning five decades, Antoni Miralda (Terrassa, Spain, 1942) has turned something as universal as food into a creative universe. Miralda has developed a method based on participation and on the ritual and ceremony related to gastronomy. Employing a non-conformist language, baroque and full of humour, that celebrates the senses and brings art close to life; he undertakes an ethnological exploration of human behaviour in his work.

The exhibition MIRALDA MADEINUSA brings together all the projects of the artist linked to the United States. Curated by Vicent Todolí and produced by MACBA, the exhibition will run from 20 October 2016 to April 2017 in Barcelona.

In close collaboration with the artist and his archive, the publication documents for the first time and in a comprehensive manner the projects made by Miralda in the United States from the mid-seventies to the late nineties as well as a selection of unrealized projects.

The book includes an essay by the cultural Catalan journalist Josep M. Martí Font, and a reissue of the text ‘Miralda’s Mahamastakabhisheka’ (1984) by Vicent Todolí, curator of the project. It also includes testimonial texts by different authors who have participated somehow with Miralda in his experiences in the United States and can contribute with a personal approach, such as Paul Schimmel, John Mason, James Wines, Muntadas, César Trasobares, Suzie Aron and Néstor Garcia Canclini. In addition, it contains a large selection of images and sketches by Miralda, some of them unknown up to now, of the different projects, showing the methodology of his work. Miralda has worked in close collaboration with the writer José Luis Gallero who has composed a detailed chronology of the artist through texts and statements of many people. The chronology is profusely illustrated.

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