For 15 euros, the Passi card offers unlimited access to MACBA for a period of one year. Twelve months in which to enjoy our extensive programme of temporary exhibitions and showcases of the MACBA Collection, as often as you like.

Buy a Passi at the Museum's reception desk, for yourself or to give as a gift. When you visit MACBA, you can swap your regular ticket for a Passi on your way out by paying the difference in price between the two.


The Passi is not the only way of connecting to MACBA and supporting its programme. Consider becoming a Friend of MACBA, which offers the advantages of the Passi along with many other exclusive benefits.

Aside from the advantages it offers you, the Passi is also a way of supporting MACBA's programmes. It makes you part of a story, the story of how we respond to the world that we live in, and how we relate to each other through artistic creation. We want you to come back and we want you to see us with new eyes.

We want you to come back

How can you watch twelve hours of video? How can you spend time exploring the material in the reading room? Is it the same to see a work that uses steam at midday as it is at five in the afternoon?
Our exhibitions often pose challenges and require more than a single visit. The Passi allows you to use MACBA as a place to meet and share ideas. With the Passi, if you have some free time you can come to MACBA.

And if you would like us to help you discover new content and meanings, our team of educators offers you a programme of guided tours that may surprise you with its insights into the exhibitions.

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