Let's talk about... Rosemarie Castoro. Focus at Infinity

Tanya Barson

11 Nov. 2017
Guided tour

Let’s talk about… understands exhibitions as powerful devices that activate the imagination and generate discourses that often exceed those anticipated by the institution or preconceived by the curatorial team. In Let’s talk about…, artists, thinkers and various agents, together with the visitors, activate exhibitions from concrete perspectives that generate personal readings of them.

Rosemarie Castoro. Focus at Infinity will be the first major institutional exhibition of Castoro’s work, and will concentrate on the years 1964–79. Castoro (1939–2015) established her career in the context of Minimalism and Conceptualism in the U.S., circulating at the heart of the avant-garde in New York. The exhibition will show her work in detail for the first time, revealing the diversity of her practice, which encompassed abstract painting, conceptual works, performative actions in the street and studio, poetry, mail art, sculpture, installation and land art. It will explore the context of her work, her activism including her role in the Art Workers’ Coalition, her association with contemporaries such as Carl Andre, Hollis Frampton, Sol LeWitt and Yvonne Rainer among others, and her relation to feminism.

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