Carrer de Balmes núm. 26, I. Del projecte Exercici de Ritme (sobre el monument a Francesc Layret)
Balmes Street, No. 26, I. From the Project: hythm Exercice (on Francesc Layret's Monument)
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The politician and labour lawyer Francesc Layret was shot dead in 1920 as he was leaving his home in Barcelona, by gunmen hired by the syndicate of Catalan employers. In 1936, a monument made by Frederic Marès and paid for by popular subscription was erected in his memory. After the Civil War, the city's Francoist government ordered its destruction, but an architect preserved the disassembled parts in a municipal warehouse. Years later, the first democratic city council returned it to its original place, the current Plaça de Goya, in Barcelona. Taking this as her starting point, Lola Lasurt constructs a story of love and heartbreak between the figures that make up the sculptural group: a peasant, a woman with a child in her arms, a worker and an allegory of the Republic. Lasurt’s images of the monument form the basis of the visual script with which she composed a filmic piece using the stop-motion technique.

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original title
Carrer de Balmes núm. 26, I. Del projecte Exercici de Ritme (sobre el monument a Francesc Layret)
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100 x 70 cm
© Lola Lasurt
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MACBA Collection. Long-term loan of the Barcelona City Council
Graphite frottage on paper
Col·lecció MACBA. Dipòsit de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona
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