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Finning is a modular sculpture that refers to the idea of layer or fragment, in which a set of very thin, dark, spherical ceramic plates are arranged side by side. Because each piece has a different shape and size, its profile is irregular and oscillating. Each plate picks up the colour from its process: the clay is fired and at some point comes into contact with organic material, which causes it to ignite and give rise to slight chromatic variations. The work was part of Dauder’s exhibition Hollow (2019), at the ProjecteSD Gallery, which brought together a group of works made with a variety of media in which the tactile and organic element was very evident. As the artist explained on the occasion of the exhibition: ‘Working or using sculpture in my work is no different from using other media. At times, when I am drawing or painting, I have the feeling that, in reality, I am sculpting. It is strange, but on some occasions I think I am removing matter from a drawing or a painting, as if I were emptying a piece of wood or stone. Finning is composed of parts that are not much thicker than a sheet of paper, made of very fine layers of clay. After all, they are all strata, wrappings or coverings, which may contain some sort of information.’ Although all the plates have different shapes, appearing like wings, leaves or pelts, the overall image evokes a graph or diagram. ‘The mental image that occupied me while working and conceiving this work was a press photograph that I found of a huge space where thousands of severed shark fins were stored, for their subsequent human consumption. Finning does not pretend to tackle the question of marine exploitation, but to allude to the idea of a hollow body, to the fragment or remnant of a structure that is no longer, that is residual.’

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32 x 148 x 25 cm
© Patricia Dauder
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Col·lecció MACBA. Dipòsit de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Baked and burned clay
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