Eulalia Valldosera
Sèrie Aparences: La maleta
Appearences Series: The Suitcase
An open suitcase deposited on the floor from which elements have spilled out and been scattered: fragments of the human body, items of clothing and medicines. This photographic composition by Eulàlia Valldosera belongs to a set of installations and photographic compositions made in the 1990s under the title of Appearances and conceived as part of her research into light. Since then, light has become a key element in her work. While in her installations (with the title Aparences: La casa [Appearances: The House, 1992-95]) the artist places everyday household objects in various spaces of the museum or gallery and exposes them to projected light to create scenographic effects, in the photographic compositions she projects images of fragments of her body in domestic rooms together with objects deposited on the floor.

Aparences. La maleta (Appearances. The Suitcase), made between 1991 and 1995, is part of this second series. The artist herself describes it as a ‘deeply performative photographic experience’. About this series, she explains: ‘The body is now my only tool and by exposing it to the light I illuminate its dark side, its materiality, I wonder if it is rejection, nakedness, object. Little by little, the household utensils, the walls of the house, the appliances come to life in the installations that derive from this deeply performative photographic experience. In an act of maximum purification, I face the lens of the camera, I am the author and the model, I discover that this is the female condition, to be on both sides.’ Valldosera’s staging engenders a surreal atmosphere and a sense of drama, with the elements ending up being disturbing: a reflection on presence and absence, memory and desire, and the inner world as the unknown space of the subject.
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Sèrie Aparences: La maleta
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160 x 146 x 2.5 cm
© Eulàlia Valldosera, VEGAP, Barcelona
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MACBA Collection. MACBA Consortium
MACBA Collection. MACBA Consortium. Long-term loan of Vicenç Guasch
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