Over the last decade, use of the concept of 'artistic investigation' has gained cohesion for referring not only to the nature of the artistic process but also to a new discipline between artistic practice and theoretical speculation.
But what kind of investigation are we referring to when we speak of 'artistic investigation'? What does it consist of? What is its method, and where does it take its models from? What faculties does it mobilise? Before those who defend the validity of an artistic investigation subject to certain rules and able to be taught, others celebrate precisely art's ability to confound and challenge established truths. This book aims to generate a productive dialogue in connection with these issues, with the objective of determining the validity of the concept of artistic investigation and also to explore new ways of speaking —and thinking, of course— about the complexity of artistic work.





El pozo sin fondo
"Portfolio + Supplement. Artistic Research and the Doctorate in the Arts", read by Marta García
The blood of sensibility is blue / I consecrate myself / To find its most perfect expression.
Derek Jarman