El sueño del siglo XIX

Art Historian Kaja Silverman, a specialist in Film theory, is a key player in the re-vamping of the field. She earned her PhD in Philosophy from Brown University and is currently a professor in UC Berkeley’s Department of Rhetoric and in their Film Studies Program. She has written numerous articles and published works, among which you will find The Subject of Semiotics (Oxford University Press, 1983), The Acoustic Mirror: The Female Voice in Psychoanalysis and Cinema (Indiana University Press, 1988), Male Subjectivity at the Margins (Routledge Press, 1992), The Threshold of the Visible World (Routledge Press, 1996), Speaking About Godard (New York University Press, 1998; with Harun Farocki), and World Spectators (Stanford University Press, 2000).

In 2001 the MACBA invited Kaja Silverman to speak at one of the sessions of the Phantom History. Image, Politics, History seminar. This conference was entitled “El sueño del s. XIX.” An earlier version of the essay was published in Brumaria magazine, number 1 (Summer 2002), p. 179-197.

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