Jo Spence: La práctica documental a examen. El signo como espacio de conflicto

Jo Spence (London, 1934-1992) played a crucial role in the debates about photography and the criticism of representation of the 70s and 80s. Drawing inspiration from Bertold Brecht and John Heartfield, she focuses on the construction of an image. Her work explores the ways that social identities are constructed through the still image, and proposes a subjective reappraisal of the dominant and popular uses of the photographic medium. As both author and model, Spence uses photography as a catalyst of rebellion and therapy in the face of the epistemic and symbolic violence that results from the dominant images produced by and for mainstream culture.

'Questioning Documentary Practice? The Sign as a Site of Struggle' was a keynote paper given at the first National Conference of Photography, organized by the Arts
Council of Great Britain, in Salford on 3 April 1987. The text has been previously published at the exhibition catalogue Jo Spence. Beyond the Perfect Image. Photography, Subjectivity, Antagonism. Barcelona: MACBA, 2005.

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