Petróleo brings together three texts on ecological collapse and the imminent end of fossil fuels. Many of the elements that make up our civilisation, such as transportation, telecommunications and food, depend on oil. Therefore, from an eco-socialist, eco-feminist and anthropological perspective, a call is made for an urgent change to our culture and habits.

This is the first volume of the et al. collection, a designed to propagate thinking that challenges the disciplinary frameworks of art history, philosophy and the social sciences. An extension of MACBA’s public programme that unfolds at the intersections between aesthetic and political practices, and which addresses an anonymous and dispersed audience: that thinking community that in the very act of reading, writing, studying and conversing becomes a power of future transformation.

The collection of texts included in et al. is an editorial project by MACBA co-published with Arcàdia.


Photo: Gemma Planell
Photo: Gemma Planell
Photo: Gemma Planell
Photo: Gemma Planell




Son[i]a #241 Yayo Herrero
Son[i]a #263 Emilio Santiago Muiño
I’d really like to think that the artist could be just another kind of material in the picture, working in collaboration with all the other materials.
Robert Rauschenberg