Hélène Cixous is one of the best-known contemporary French writers and thinkers and has a huge influence within the world of postmodernism and gender studies. Since the end of the 1960s, Cixous has published more than sixty books of essay, fiction and theatre, questioning the borders that exist between those genres. Her famous essay The Laugh of the Medusa is a fundamental work of feminist theory. It is also one of the one of the principal theories of the differences that exist between the sexes and the creator of the first research center in that field in Europe (Centre d'Études Féminines, Université de paris 8. Vincennes). Jacques Derrida, one of her most illustrious commentators, has dedicated many texts that explain the complicity between their thoughts and theories.

Hélène Cixous is one of the authors collaborating in the Nancy Spero's publication as part of her exhibition at MACBA (2008). We are proud to present on premiere Hélène Cixous' text in French, its original language.

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