Desacuerdos 7. Sobre arte, políticas y esfera pública en el Estado español. Feminismos

When considering the subject of study for this latest instalment, we began by looking at the articles on feminisms published in previous volumes of Desacuerdos, and at archaeological attempts to trace genealogies and re-read the present. This issue explores how it might be possible to reposition the singularity of artistic modernity in Spain in relation to the socio-political upheavals of the twentieth century; how to continue to break down the opposition between aesthetics and politics, just as feminist theory contributed to rupturing codes expressed in the form of domination or supremacy; and how feminist critique – which, along with institutional critique, organised the relationships between the patriarchy, capitalism and knowledge production – negotiates with the art institution, which is not very permeable to the epistemological directions and transformations of feminisms.