Comunismos por venir

Various authors analyse the potential of a new socio-political system based on the common, cooperation, solidarity and the abolition of hierarchies. The book addresses the ideas behind ‘future’ communisms: it questions the Soviet project and supports forms of relating based on solidarity, while defining new concepts of wellbeing and the necessary feminisation of the public sphere. It includes seven essays proposing policies concerned with new utopias.

This is the third volume of the et al. collection, a designed to propagate thinking that challenges the disciplinary frameworks of art history, philosophy and the social sciences. An extension of MACBA’s public programme that unfolds at the intersections between aesthetic and political practices, and which addresses an anonymous and dispersed audience: that thinking community that in the very act of reading, writing, studying and conversing becomes a power of future transformation.

The collection of texts included in et al. is an editorial project by MACBA co-published with Arcàdia.

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et al.
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Essay books

Design: Oficina de disseny – Ariadna Serrahima, Diego Bustamente, Katharina Hetzeneder

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Photo: Gemma Planell
Photo: Gemma Planell
Photo: Gemma Planell
Photo: Gemma Planell
Photo: Gemma Planell
Photo: Gemma Planell