De animales y monstruos

Gilles Deleuze posited that a questioning of notions of 'the animal' could be used a strategy that would allow the elaboration of a theory of the anomalous. Humanity, he thought, is a tributary of this animal anomaly, meaning that a reconsideration of the status of animals could lead to the transformation of our idea of what it means to be human.

In one of his last books, L'Animal que donc je suis (2006), Jacques Derrida, deconstructed a philosophical tradition that has systematically mistreated animals. In this book, Derrida attempted to demonstrate the fragility and porosity of the supposed frontiers between the animal and the human, opening a speculative direction that was truncated by his death.

This book attempts to re-open the question of the animal and the monster exploring the area between thought and artistic practice, while examining their relationship to ideas of identity and community. It also studies the role played by ideas of the animal and the monster as signifiers of transformation and marginalisation directed towards specific groups.