Amor y revolución (Kollontai)
December 2020

All revolutions bring radical change into society and generate new perspectives on relationships: other ways of loving and of approaching knowledge become possible. Amor y revolución (Kollontai) [Love and Revolution (Kollontai)] is a selection of texts by Alexandra Kollontai (Saint Petersburg, 1872 – Moscow, 1952), a Marxist feminist who was a key figure of the Russian Revolution and a Soviet diplomat. The book also includes other authors who, based on the contributions of the Russian writer, have traced her legacy in artistic trends that defied the logics of love and knowledge during their time, in order to construct an alternative genealogy of the aesthetic and political avant-gardes.

With texts by Dora García, Rina Ortiz and Andrea Valdés, as well as Margherita Fabbri, Lila Lisenberg and Pol Guasch, members of Amor Rojo, a research group of MACBA’s Independent Studies Programme (PEI), 2019–20.


This activity is part of Education from Below, a project supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union

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This is the eighth volume of the et al. collection, a designed to propagate thinking that challenges the disciplinary frameworks of art history, philosophy and the social sciences. An extension of MACBA’s public programme that unfolds at the intersections between aesthetic and political practices, and which addresses an anonymous and dispersed audience: that thinking community that in the very act of reading, writing, studying and conversing becomes a power of future transformation.

The collection of texts included in et al. is an editorial project by MACBA co-published with Arcàdia.

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et al.
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Oficina de disseny – Ariadna Serrahima, Diego Bustamente, Katharina Hetzeneder
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Amor y revolución (Kollontai)
Amor y revolución (Kollontai)
Amor y revolución (Kollontai)
Amor y revolución (Kollontai)
Amor y revolución (Kollontai)
Amor y revolución (Kollontai)
Amor y revolución (Kollontai)