A researcher in contemporary art and artistic deputy director of the MNCARS. Previously, she has worked as coordinator of L’Internationale, a confederation of seven modern and contemporary art institutions. In France she has also co-directed the postgraduate programme in artistic research DSRA, Documentary and Contemporary Art (ÉESI – Esna Bourges), for three years. She has also been coordinator of the Red Conceptualismos del Sur, a platform of which she is a member. At the same time, she has served as editorial coordinator for, among others, the following publications: Losing the Human Form. A Seismic Image of the 1980s in Latin America (Madrid: MNCARS, 2013 / Buenos Aires: Eduntref, 2014), Really Useful Knowledge (Madrid: MNCARS, 2014), Desinventario (Santiago de Chile: Ocholibros, 2015); Archives of the Common II, The Anomic Archive (Buenos Aires: Pasamontañas, 2020). In the field of research, she is interested in artistic practices of the 21st century that are mainly characterised by the deactivation of the aesthetic function, articulating the use of archives, heuristic proposals and political practice.