Post-conceptualism and theatricality

Jeff Wall and Dan Graham

This Itinerary examines the work of two important artists in the MACBA Collection: Jeff Wall and Dan Graham

Itinerary by
Jeff Wall, Dan Graham

Since the 1960s Dan Graham's high volume of work, be it as creator, critic, theoretician or professor, has become one of the fundamental pillars of understanding and re-evaluating the historical, political and social functions of Art. In 1985 at a collective exhibition at New York's 49th Parallel, post-conceptualist artists Graham and three young men from Vancouver (Jeff Wall, Ken Lum and Ian Wallace) became known as the Vancouver School.

Jeff Wall is one of the main voices of his native Vancouver's photo-conceptualism. By incorporating a theatrical element in his large-scale photographs, which were not without political meaning, Wall revolutionized the concept of narrative in Contemporary Art of the time. His work is oriented towards the representation of all aspects - both positive and negative - of daily life in the big city.

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