Student revolt, communism and technological revolutions

These two dates evoke memories of two extremely important political moments: the student revolt of 1968 with its emphasis on the emancipation and liberation of the individual, and 1989, which marked the end of communism and the beginning of an era of technological revolutions.

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1968, 1989, comunisme, maig 1968

The contents in this Itinerary fall within the context of those dates and the events that marked them. They reflect the reconsideration of the relationship between art, institutions and artistic sensibility when confronted with the power structures of life and society. Marcel Broodthaers What is art? What role does the artist play in society? What social function does the museum serve? Marcel Broodthaers, one of the essential figures of 20th century art, explored these questions. Being essentially a poet, his oeuvre oscillates between his work as a journalist, painter, film producer, and photographer. Its great complexity and layered meanings make isolating his works difficult. Just as poetry uses and re-uses words, changing their meaning through context, Broodthaers’ corpus acts as a visual vocabulary imbuing his works with a constant and often subtle depth of meaning. Broodthaers’ work is a noteworthy and essential part of the MACBA collection, which contains more than seventy of

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