How to create your own Itinerary

What are the Itineraries?

One of MACBA’s main roles is to conceive, prepare and arrange content from which new narratives can emerge. Through the Itineraries, both you and the Museum can propose paths that cut across all the content of this website.

The Itineraries are collections of content available on audio, video, entries on artists, works, texts, publications, exhibitions, etc. Any of the content you find on this website can form part of an Itinerary.

As well as compiling content, the Itineraries allow you to organise it based on an idea, an interest or an academic concept. With an Itinerary, you can choose works and artists from the MACBA Collection; it is particularly useful as a resource for teachers, and it even offers itself as a platform that artists and curators can use to deepen their knowledge of specific themes that are explored in the Museum's exhibitions.

Once they have been created – be it by the MACBA or users of this website – the Itineraries will be available for public consultation in this section. The main page will feature Itineraries that the Museum chooses to highlight as well as the most viewed in the last month, and a search function will allow you to find Itineraries on your fields of interest.

Why not create your own Itinerary?

How to create your own Itinerary

First of all, you must register as a user or sign in if you already have a user profile. Once you have signed in, go to the Itineraries tab. Here you can edit any of your previous Itineraries, or create a new Itinerary.

To create a new Itinerary, fill in the title, subtitle and brief description fields. You can also specify whether your Itinerary will be public or private. Remember that you can always go back and change all of this information.

Once you have created you Itinerary, you can enter the information you consider important for your project in the text field. The title and brief description are obligatory and you must fill them in when you create an Itinerary, but all other fields are optional.

Now that you have created your new Itinerary, all you have to do is add whatever you consider to be relevant content. You can do this by simply exploring the website and choosing content whenever you come across the Add to Itinerary button.

Every time you add an item to an Itinerary, you can add a personal note by clicking on the icon . These notes allow you to explain why you think this particular item belongs in your Itinerary, write a personal comment, or simply share your opinion.

When you decide your Itinerary is complete, you can share it on social networks , export it in PDF format , or play it back as a presentation in the Lightbox .

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