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Índex focused on artistic research, thought and education. The journal aimed to generate theoretical texts in order to contribute to the renewal of culture, and to provide a test bed for the construction of a new critical language that encourages ...


Índex number 2

Tardor / Otoño / Autumn, 2011

Xavier Antich; Yto Barrada; Cristina Freire; Daniel Heller-Roazen; Hassan Khan; Marie Muracciole; José Antonio Vega Macotela


Índex number 1

Primavera / Spring 2011

Franco Berardi; Nataša Ilić; Chus Martínez; Reza Negarestani; The Otolith Group; José Luis Pardo


Índex number 0

Tardor / Otoño / Autumn, 2010

Bartomeu Marí; Christoph Menke; Chus Martínez; Piotr Piotrowski; Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab; Julie Ault; Natascha Sadr Haghighian; Xavier Antich; Johanna Burton


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