The 2021-2022 PEI will benefit from a permanent research lab held on a weekly basis. Every Monday during the teaching weeks, the programme’s teaching community will get together to listen, talk and devise content and experiences. Their content and methodologies will be pursued by the students in collaboration with the management and co-ordination staff.

The purpose of the lab is to provide a permanent space for questions and action in relation to the programme content, and to formulate working methodologies that go beyond the logic of producing private and individualised knowledge, that exceed the predesigned content and challenge traditional disciplines. The lab will be a place where students can share the state and process of their research projects, a place for group tutorials and for encounters with artists, collectives and thinkers potentially connected with the research in progress.

The central element of each student’s endeavour will be their personal research proposal (individual or collective), which they will work on during the academic year, mentored by a tutor connected with the PEI (members of the academic management team, former students, lecturers on the programme, curators working at the museum, etc.), and will be shared at particular times with the other students and other agents in the permanent lab. This research can be presented in any final form, including performative or cinematographic, or as a curatorial or academic research project.

In order to present the final project, the student must have handed in the reports accrediting that they have followed the whole of the course in accordance with the instructions given by the teaching staff at the start of the programme and which are intended to ensure that students benefit, personally and creatively, from each of the work and study proposals. The PEI is viewed as a whole that will not be evaluated piecemeal but in its entirety in a qualitative and collaborative manner.

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