MACBA Collection Image Bank

MACBA manages an image bank containing the works from the MACBA Collection holdings. This facility is aimed at researchers, publishing companies, art institutions and, in general, all professionals interested in reproducing or publishing images of works from the Collection, on any support.

To request photographs from the image bank, please contact the Study Center, specifying the images you wish to publish and your purpose of publication. Once the application has been approved, a private agreement will be signed between the applicant (whether an individual or an organisation) and MACBA. This agreement will establish, amongst other things, the fee payable for reproducing the image or images. Fees vary according to purpose, availability, form of dispatch and the use for which images are requested.

The Study Center will supply the image in the resolution and format best suited to the needs specified in the application. The most usual formats are: 9x12 transparencies, 35 mm slides and TIFF or EPS digital images. Material is sent either by courier or by FTP transfer. The dispatch process may take a little longer in exceptional cases when images of works requested are not immediately available.

Photographs of works may be protected by copyright or other author’s rights. It is, therefore, the applicant’s responsibility to obtain permission from the artist or holder of the rights before going ahead with publication.

In the case of images requested for publication in the media or in relation to an education programme or exhibition, please contact the Press Department.

If you have any doubts or queries or require further information, please contact:

Tel.: 93 481 79 05
Fax: 93 412 46 02

Contact information

Tel.: 93 481 79 05
Fax: 93 412 46 02



  • Xavier Miserachs 'Festes de Gràcia, Barcelona', 1964
  • Latifa Echakhch 'À chaque stencil une révolution', 2007
  • Gordon Matta-Clark  'Conical Intersect 4' [Documentació de l'acció 'Conical Intersect' realitzada el 1975 a París, França], 1977
  • James Coleman 'So Different... and Yet 1980', 1980

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