FAQ Collection

1. What does the MACBA Collection consist of?

The MACBA Collection shows the evolution of avant-garde artistic practices as from the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century, and includes works by Spanish, Catalan and international artists. For more information, see the Collection Holdings section, where you can also consult the works that form part of the Collection.

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2. How many works are in the MACBA Collection?

There are approximately five thousand works in the MACBA Collection. You can consult them in the Collection Holdings section.

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3. How can I obtain high-resolution images of works from the MACBA Collection?

You can send a request for high-resolution images through the Image Bank.

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4. Can I consult works from the Collection for research or study purposes?

Yes. You will need to make a formal request to the Collection department, which will study the viability depending on the location, packaging and shipping needs and accessibility of the work. Any major expenses involved must be paid by the person making the request.

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5. What is the procedure for requesting works on loan from the MACBA Collection?

You must send a formal request to the Director of the Museum or the Head of the Collection department (see Contact). Include a brief outline of the project, the name of the curator, the venue and dates of the exhibition and the name of the institution that accepts responsibility for the loan. The Museum will consider the request and notify the person making the request of the feasibility of the loan.

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