Loneliness in the City: Remix

Loneliness in the City: Remix

Vista de l'obra d'Alicia Framis exposada a la Plaça dels Àngels, 2000

Loneliness in the City is an itinerant cooperative project that analyses the effects of life in the contemporary metropolis. According to Alicia Framis (Mataró, 1967), loneliness tends to arise from two related phenomena: on one hand, the lack of affects and family networks that define social coexistence today; and on the other, the uncontrollable growth of cities and the inadequacies in urban planning. Urban structures determine the way in which people interrelate, and often lead to the isolation of the individuals.

For this project, Framis arranged for the construction of an oval shaped mobile pavilion designed by Dutch artist Dre Wapenaar, which landed at MACBA after travelling through various European cities. For a one-week period, the marquee occupied Plaça dels Àngels, with a programme of activities open to the public from 10am to 11pm. The Barcelona version explored the cultural diversity of El Raval neighbourhood. A heterogeneous group of creators including architects, designers and visual artists – including Framis herself – interacted with the public in the execution of a wide variety of workshops and activities: cooking sessions, gatherings, debates, film screenings, music and photography, architecture and design courses.

When it was presented in Barcelona, Loneliness in the city explored the issue of the cultural diversity of the Raval district, with the involvement of artists and people from various other disciplines, but relying above all on contributions from the public. In keeping with the multidisciplinary orientation of the project, a wide range of activities from morning till night were on offer in the big tent in the middle of the Plaça dels Àngels. These activities included architecture workshops, cookery classes ‘combining elements of traditional cuisine with dishes from other cultures’, informal discussions, graphic design workshops, film and video screenings, music sessions, competitions, etc. Access to all of these activities was free for anyone who wanted to take part.

3 May 2000 – 10 May 2000
Loneliness in the City: Remix
Alicia Framis
Loneliness in the City: Remix
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