Arxius Possibles

The museum’s interest in and dedication to the subject of archives, whether referring to its own or others, is evident in the activity of its own Archive and Library – where a highlight is the Digital Repository project – as well as with exhibitions/activations that regularly take place on the ground floor of the Study and Documentation Centre (CED), as well as with the special treatment given historically to archives in MACBA exhibitions, public programmes and publications.

The Possible Archives project is designed as a framework for activating various proposals, with the idea of remaining open and attentive to the participation of other institutions, organised collectives and all citizens, exploring the limits of what may be considered archivable and expanding possibilities of access, use and distribution, as well as the broadening of the archives themselves. With the invaluable assistance of the Arxius Oberts project (Cultura Viva, Barcelona City Council), we seek to address questions related, for example, to the democratic management of archives, the question of ownership, the ethical and open administration of rights, the limits and potentialities of digitalisation, current initiatives and others that have fallen by the way, as well as the role expected of the public administrations.

The 2022 edition is distinguished by the coincidence and collaboration with ISEA2022, with MACBA hosting the 2nd Summit on New Media Art Archiving, as well as various artist talks, an interactive workshop and even a surprising musical performance.

The frequency of Possible Archives has yet to be determined. Likewise, its design is open and mutable, with the idea that it might be based on self-learning and collective participation.