This exhibition could be described as a false retrospective, given that it presented a set of works specifically created by Pep Agut (Terrassa, 1961) for MACBA based on projects that he himself had conceived in the previous decade but never produced.
In short, it was Agut’s critical response to the notion of “anthological exhibitions” that are usually considered an homage and a revision of a closed or completed career.

The exhibition revolved around a reinterpretation of the roles and functions traditionally attributed to artists, audiences, systems of representation and museum institutions. And the “supporting actors” that the title referred to were none other than the members of that anonymous mass that we call “the public” and that Agut considers to be the true backbone of the artistic experience because they activate and enable the dialogue that all artworks require.

This project was Pep Agut´s critical response to the notion of the retrospective exhibition. With a title derived from the film Der Stand der Dinge (The State of Things, 1983) by the German director Wim Wenders, the show was structured as a false retrospective which apparently brought together the most significant works of his artistic output over the last decade. In this case, however, the ultimate material result of this process of collaboration between the artist and the museum crystallized in a series of "works" created specifically for the occasion. In the light of this, it can be said that the museum was exhibiting the testimony of a past that not even the artist himself had ever seen in material form.


Pep Agut



Pep Agut. To the supporting actors. Photo: Miquel Bargalló