The video installation Simo (1997) was an important turning point in the career of Jordi Colomer (Barcelona, 1962). In it, the artist included the human figure for the first time by means of a narrative featuring Simo – an antihero alter ego based on the ascetic character in Luis Buñuel’s film Simon of the Desert.

The protagonist comes in and goes out, as we ourselves do in the artist’s work, accumulating in her intimate space objects of a decidedly fetishist interest. Sadly, the obsessive accumulation inside her little private architecture does not give her the satisfaction that, solitary, she seems equally unable to find in communication with other people, those others who get on with their lives, uninvolved in the great little drama of Simo.

Simo was part of the exhibition Artificial Contemporary Figurations, but it remained on display at the Museum after the exhibition ended. The piece is part of the MACBA Collection.



FONS ÀUDIO #27. Jordi Colomer