As part of the Formes de Flandes project – which was the result of a cultural exchange between Flanders and Catalonia in 1997-1998 – the exhibition SET presented works by seven artists from the collection of the Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst in Ghent. All the participating artists had played a significant role in the history of the museum and in Belgian contemporary art.
Nonetheless, the exhibition was not intended to offer an exhaustive overview of recent Flemish art, but to explore the most prominent aspects of some of its facets while also highlighting the groundbreaking nature of an institution that supported artists who were little known at the time.

The following artists were represented: Marcel Broodthaers, Thierry De Cordier, Luc Deleu, Jan Fabre, Bernd Lohaus, Carl De Keyzer and Marc Goethals. Beneath the diversity of their work, they all shared an interest in the relationships between words and images, narrative and words, and images and their referents.