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Founded during the period known as the Spanish Transition, from 1977 to 1978 the collective Film Video Informació (FVI) explored the enormous possibilities of the new audiovisual media.

In June 1977, during a year of political transition, a group of experimental film and video makers, photographers, poets and artists who used alternative media founded the collective Film Vídeo Informació (FVI) in Barcelona. Their aim was to open debates and reflect on the audiovisual field at a time when it was regarded as foundational, given its socio-political and cultural context: in the midst of political transition, liberation, and mental and sensory openness. The members of FVI wanted to explore and publicise the new possibilities of experimental cinema and video, viewed from an interdisciplinary context and according to a broad and progressive notion of the arts.

Among other actions, FVI published two issues of the magazine VISUAL. Publication of FILM VIDEO INFORMACIÓ (1977–78). Coordinated by Eugènia Balcells, Eugeni Bonet, Juan Bufill, Carles Hac Mor, Manuel Huerga, Ignacio Julià and Luis Serra, it did not aim to be a ‘cinema’ magazine but, as stated in the prologue of the second issue of the publication (1978), ‘a collection of information and study notebooks on the audiovisual world; obviously not from the perspective of the industry’.

L'exposició forma part d’una nova sèrie de mostres de petit format que exploren les publicacions periòdiques com un espai de pensament crític. Aquest projecte s’inspira i es presenta en tres capítols –tres temporalitats– que recullen els continguts, autors i tendències del camp de la visualitat que integraven els primers dos números editats i el tercer i últim, que no es va arribar a publicar mai.

Curated by
Juan Bufill