This monographic exhibition on Pepe Espaliú (Cordoba, 1955-1993), curated by Gloria Picazo, was organised around three recurring motifs in the artist’s work: the mask, the skull and the turtle. The main thesis of the exhibition was inspired by one of the works in the MACBA Collection, the bronze mask Untitled (1989).

A series of works produced in 1988 and 1989 were selected for the exhibition, including drawings, bronze sculptures and masks made out of leather, fabric and paper. These works were shown together for the first time, in an attempt to identify the common thread that runs through the work of Espaliú.

The exhibition ended with a reconstruction of the artist’s ideal library and videotheque that included the books and films that had influenced him not only as an artist, but essentially as a person. This reference section also presented all of his published writings and catalogues of his work.