New Landscapes, New Territories was a showcase of 25 architectural and landscape intervention projects that illustrated the new emerging relationships between built spaces and their urban and natural surroundings.

The traditional connections between architecture (the artificial) and landscape (the natural), in which man-made objects are placed against the background provided by the territory, are no longer valid. The size of our cities, the speed at which we travel, and our fragmented readings and perceptions of reality – shaped by films and the media – mean that concepts such as the city, territory and landscape are becoming increasingly independent and at the same time interrelated realities.

This exhibition curated by Eduard Bru spread over more than 900m2 of space, with the works shown in specially designed display cabinets that catered for original drawings and documents as well as photographic material, scale models and videos. It included projects by Manuel Brullet and Albert de Pineda, Frank Ghery, Toyo Ito, Rem Koolhaas, MVRDV, Jean Nouvel, and Otto von Spreckelsen, among others.