The Forty-Part Motet, 2001 (A reworking of Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis, 1573) , is the most noteworthy installation shown in the Exhibit "The Killing Machine and Other Stories" as it offers an exceptional experience in audio perception. This piece lets the audience experience a piece of music from the viewpoint of the singers in that every performer hears a unique mix of the piece of music. Enabling the audience to move throughout the space allows them to be intimately connected with the voices and reveals the piece of music as a changing construct. As well it poses the question how sound may physically construct a space in a sculptural way and how a viewer may choose a path through this physical yet virtual space.

This installation has been presented as part of the Janet Cardiff + George Bures Miller. The Killing Machine and other Stories show.




Janet Cardiff "The Forty-Part Motet"
Janet Cardiff "The Forty-Part Motet"


Son[i]a #6 Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller