Video-Nou was founded in Barcelona in 1977, two years after the end of the dictatorship and the beginning of the democratic restructuring of the country. The group was formed during the 7th International Video Encounter, organised by CAYC (Centre for Art and Communication) at the Fundació Joan Miró. With their inter-disciplinary vision, VN produced over thirty interventions including sociological/social animation videos, documentaries, artworks, and educational and professional projects, all of a socio-political nature. Two years after its foundation, the group was renamed Servei de Vídeo Comunitari (Community Video Service). Their aim was to promote video as a medium for the social and educational activation of community life, and as a public information service. It was their way of contributing to the consolidation of networks that would help overcome the difficulties in exchanging information faced by small communities. VN/SVC was one of the groups that benefitted from the decentralisation of power in favour of social autonomy, and it was disbanded during the new process of democratic institutionalisation and the emergent centralising policies of social planning.

Curator: Teresa Grandas

Organization and production: Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven

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