‘A DIY Archive’ is an archive of publications by collectives, associations, self-managed feminist and/or queer groups around the relationship between music and drawing. It starts with the influence of the Riot Grrrl activist feminist movement that emerged in the nineties in Olympia (USA) and its translation here (a difficult ‘here’ to define, but one that embraces the places where it took place like Barcelona, Mexico city, Bilbao y Murcia). ‘A DIY Archive: a feminist-queer fanzinotheque’ (2016) is also a research project that took the form of a doctoral thesis by María Ángeles Alcántara Sánchez (Gelen Jeleton).

The project participates in an activist/artivist academicism that from artistic practice proposes a ‘conscious doing’ through the exercise of ‘archiving’, starting with self-publishing and self-management.

The exhibition aims to provide a space for experimentation in which to think how to display fanzines through the production of different devices that generate minifanzinotheques (like the cyborgrrrrrltheque, the Zapatista seedbed). The exhibition turns a personal archive into a collective one.

We invite you to consult the femzinotheques locked up and in bondage at the exhibition A DIY Archive. Every Wednesday by prior arrangement. Come and join us!

Curated by: Gelen Jeleton

Photo: The 272 spheres by Helenístika Fénix for Hieroglyphica in A DIY Archive, 2013